Welcome to my unique world of integrated holistic medicine combining the powerful treatment of vibrational sound therapy with the ancient energy based technique of Reiki.

Integrative medicine is a total approach to medical care that combines standard medicine with Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) practices that have been shown to be safe and effective.  They treat the patient’s mind, body and spirit.

Blending Reiki Energy with Vibrational Sound

Kimberley has perfected this one model of healing by blending Reiki Energy with Vibrational Sound. If you book an appointment with Kimberley you will receive this healing technique.

On your first visit you will have a consultation time with Kimberley. She will then take a Chakra and Aura photograph. Kimberley will spend time verbalising her analysis with you. You will then receive her healing treatment of Reiki Energy and Vibrational Sound.

In the coming days Kimberley will send you a full written report of your Chakra and Aura photograph.

Should you have any questions relating to your photograph you can discuss this with Kimberley at your next appointment.

What are Vibrational Sounds

Quartz Crystal Bowls vibrational sounds is a form of sound therapy which validates that all matter based on atomic structure, such as the human body, is in a state of vibration and the frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates is called resonance. The chakras, bones and organs in the body ALL possess a different resonant frequency.

Out of Sync

When an organ is vibrating out of sync or balance, disease is created.  The body is in a healthy state of being when each cell and each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole body.  Sound and vibrational treatment is an option that has been proven to have a helpful effect on patients and is considered a safe complementary treatment to all conventional and holistic therapy.

Control and Influence

By creating vibrational sounds we can directly control fluids such as blood and lymph, influence both the endocrine system and metabolism AND even manipulate tissues in the human body.This technology blends the world of Vibrational Medicine with today’s hard core science to bring significant healing powers.