Can Reiki and Vibrational Sound
benefit cancer patients?
Hospitals and
hospices across the world have included…

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There is nothing more joyous than to have
everyone in the family living a life of
good health.

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Sports Injury

If you have lost your confidence in
your ability through under-performance
or injury…

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Welcome to my unique world of
integrated holistic medicine combining
the powerful treatment of vibrational…

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Welcome to my unique world of integrated holistic healthcare.

Combining the powerful treatment of vibrational sound therapy with the ancient energy based technique of Reiki”.  This is the Future!

My bespoke healing is both futuristic and far reaching in its delivery and intensity.  It helps your body recover using 19 Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls. I have been working with the Singing Bowls since 2004.  This treatment works on a variety of ailments and diseases including stress, infertility, depression, insomnia, cancer, ME and MS.  This also benefits expectant mothers, infants and a variety of sports injuries.

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Kimberley Solari

Stay on Key

Brings a fresh and exciting new approach to team building and personal development using our innate appreciation of music. Our fun but insightful programme will help you boost the performance of your team – collectively and as individuals – to enhance productivity, engagement and wellbeing.

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