Sports Injurys

If you have lost your confidence in your ability through under-performance or injury, book an appointment to see me now

Anyone who plays sport for a living or just for fun, experiences frustration and depression when they are side lined through injury.

Sport Treatment

I treat a lot of young professional footballers and the one thing they all have in common, despite the severity of their injury, is:

"When can I get back on the pitch".

Being picked for the first team of any sport is a privilege for a player and they hold and take that responsibility with honour and respect.

Mental Pressure

However, the fight to keep their spot in the first team is extremely stressful to a player because they know they have a team mate who is on the bench or sitting in the bleachers waiting for their opportunity to shine. This mental pressure can take a toll both physically and mentally and that is why the players that I see recommend my treatment to their team mates

Bespoke Treatment

My bespoke treatment helps to expedite the healing of minor and severe bone fractures, thereby reducing the recovery time