There is nothing more joyous than to have everyone in the family living a life of good health. Sadly however, statistics show that more and more of us are not blessed in this regard.

Stress related cancers are on the increase in children as young as 6, and it’s increasing every day. Stress related cancers, depression and suicidal rates are climbing in men as young as 17 onwards. Alcohol dependency is increasing in women and girls like never before. Where do you turn for help? My powerful healing treatment will alleviate all of the above in each and every member of your family. You do not need to suffer in silence or feel ashamed at not being able to cope. Please reach out to me and let me put you back ‘on key’ so you can all live a happier and healthier life. Book an appointment today.

Each event adds a little colour

to the aura and enhances its individuality. The aura is continually building throughout life, and all of one’s life experiences can be found there - good or bad. Your child’s energy field is entirely open and vulnerable to the atmosphere in which he/she lives. Whether things are out in the open or not, your child senses what’s going on between his/her parents and this behaviour from the parents will determine temperament, fears, fantasies, or illnesses of the child, which will manifest as they grow older into adulthood and will ricochet into their own marital life and their newly born children.

For example, if a child was conceived to keep the marriage alive, the child will sense the underlying current of unhappiness and turmoil between his/her parents and will subconsciously be aware of the huge burden that has been placed upon such small shoulders. Hence, this child will grow up with insecurity issues and will have a need to constantly overachieve throughout their life to be liked and loved.

Be aware

Parents must be aware that whilst in the womb their baby has been cocooned and protected in its own subconscious mind as well as feeling warm, cozy and protected in its own liquid of peace and harmony. Once born, the little body and mind is shocked into the reality of constant noise, cries, smells and blinding lights. No wonder the little body goes into lockdown. This happens as a protection mechanism, so if your child suffers from colic, or refuses to eat or sleep, remember it’s their survival mechanism kicking in. All parents need to do is create the same cozy, dim lighted and noise free protective environment like the baby had in the womb. This way, the chakras and his/her mental state will develop at a calm and smooth rate.

One Way

to ensure this is by committing to regular sessions and by playing my 528 Hz healing CD throughout pregnancy and throughout all sleep times. This highlights the importance of the environment we create at home and at work, what we do in our lives and how it has a direct impact on our chakras and aura. This relates to how we are as a human being and the illnesses that will occur throughout our life.