The testimonials below have been provided by real clients who have benefited greatly by Kimberley’s unconditional love, care and healing. Vibrational Sound can cure things medication never will


Testimonial - Sophie Cussell

“My 10 year old daughter became ill with sepsis neutropenia (a weak immune system) and thrombocytopenia (Low number of platelets so excessive bleeding occurs) at the beginning of January 2013. The cause was never identified, except the hospital doctors decided it was probably a secondary infection to glandular fever. Her body mass loss exceeded the hospital’s dietician scale, as she lost over a 1/3 of her weight, weighing approximately 4 stone. For months, she was unable to eat without nausea, drinking became increasingly difficult and she was unable to walk without pain or hold herself upright – so had to use a wheelchair or be carried everywhere. She was then diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)/ME.

Anyway, it was recommended that we see a Reiki master and thankfully we found Kimberley and got more than we bargained for. Her experience and healing power was beyond our wildest dreams. With one’s child, we only ever wanted the very best treatment and practitioner that we could find and Kimberley was the one. Kimberley uses a combination of vibrational sound, by using the quartz crystal healing bowls and life force energy (Reiki) as a treatment. As an electrical/electronic engineer, the ingenious principle behind the combined treatments made complete sense (quantum theory); relaxing the body to make it receptive and then using a variety of bowls which vibrate at different hertz, thus, replicating the hertz in various parts of the body in which they are meant to be vibrating; what's more, allowing the body to heal itself.

After each treatment my daughter said she felt well and had more energy. After one of her treatments, whilst Kimberley was performing Reiki, Sophie woke suddenly and was looking at her feet. She said she saw Jesus. Interestingly, Sophie said that even though she has never seen a picture of Jesus or even looked at a Bible, she just knew it was him. That was all she had to say.

There and then, I knew something very extraordinary had taken place during Sophie’s healing session that day. We were told by our doctor that my daughter would be in a wheelchair for about 3 years, but it turned out to be just a few weeks. Her consultant at Bath Hospital has described her recovery as ‘remarkable’ and she is now in full time school and just starting to take part in sports. She is enjoying life to the full and I truly believe that this would not have been possible if we hadn’t have been blessed in finding Kimberley and her exceptional and innovative combined treatment.”

Testimonial - Mike Rowe

“The 1st of November 2007. The most important day of my life was the day I first met Kimberly.

One week prior to this life changing day, I had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on the base of my tongue and a secondary tumor on the floor of my mouth that looked like I had swallowed a boiled egg. The Oncologist treating me told me that to remove my cancer I would need a 15 hour operation to remove the tumors and all the glands in my neck where smaller tumors were present.

The operation would require sawing through the bottom of my jaw and removing the entire left section of my face, as well as potentially leaving me with stroke like symptoms if they had accidentally cut the nerves to certain parts of my body. I was also looking at being fitted with a Tracheotomy and I would have been fed through a peg in my belly button. Reconstructive surgery would take place when the area was suitable for reforming. I was also told I would be in intensive care for at least 2 weeks. This would then be followed by radio therapy and chemotherapy. Having gone through all of this I would then receive several years of physiotherapy to learn how to speak and eat again.

Needless to say my family and I feared for my life and seeing my wife and boys so devastated broke my heart even more as I felt I had let them all down terribly.

Fate, however, had a different journey in mind for me. I was blown away with what was to follow.

On October the 29th my wife Lyn called her reflexologist Gill who was into crystal stone healing to ask what crystal I should wear around my neck for healing and protection. Gill told my wife she would have a look in her healing book for the right crystal while she waited on the end of the phone. The answer Gill gave my wife was not the name of a crystal, but the name of a healer, Kimberley Solari, that Gill had met the previous day to talk about her becoming Reiki attuned by Kimberley. My wife trusted Gill and promptly called Kimberley. After the pleasantries of introduction, Kimberley passed the phone onto one of her cancer patients to chat with my wife about the importance of making an appointment to see Kimberley and how life changing it would be. We then arranged an appointment to meet with Kimberley on the 1st of November 2007.

On meeting Kimberley for the first time, my wife and I were given a completely new outlook on the future which up until then had been destroyed by the news of my cancer and the pre-conceived notion of death that followed.

As you can imagine my wife and I were extremely anxious and emotional and didn’t know what to expect on arriving at Kimberley’s healing room in the village of Headley, Berkshire. On entering, my wife and I instantaneously felt calm and relaxed for the first time since I was diagnosed. We were aware that we were in the presence of someone special. Kimberley asked me to explain what was wrong with me and what the recommended plan of action from my Oncologist was. After telling her, Kimberley smiled and then gave me overwhelming evidence of my grandfather’s and mother’s presence who are both in spirit.

Kimberley explained that she was a Reiki master and vibrational sound practitioner and that her treatment lasts for approximately 1 hour and she would be using quartz crystal healing bowls as well as life force energy (Reiki). I immediately booked a course of sessions.

Kimberley’s treatment was incredibly powerful. I could feel the life force energy going into my whole body from her hands, as well as the vortex of vibrational energy from the different vibrational healing bowls that she uses. Kimberley can also pick up and interpret other energies within the room and told me that my mother insists that I seek a second opinion. At first I ignored the messages, but the more I ignored them, the more mum kept giving me the same message until finally I acted upon her advice. I went to a different hospital and got a second opinion, convinced that the recommended treatment and operation would be the outcome. How wrong was I? I could not believe it when the surgeon at the second hospital told me I did not need the invasive and life-disfiguring surgery and that he could cure my cancer with radiation and chemotherapy alone. My mother was right; I was not going to have the supposedly life-saving operation that would disfigure me for life. My operation date was looming but I cancelled it straight away and decided to follow the advice of my mum and the second hospital.

Lyn and I broke down in tears of joy when we left the second hospital after their opinion, as the messages that we had received from spirit had turned out to be true. It was amazing! But more was to follow.

I continued to have Kimberley’s treatment on a daily basis as the effect on my wife and I was truly amazing. It put us in a stress-free state of mind and totally relaxed us, despite what I had been diagnosed with. We truly believed that Kimberley’s treatment was helping to destroy my cancer, not only in a physical way but mentally and emotionally as well along with the feedback from spirit.

Having received 6 weeks of Reiki and vibrational sound treatment from Kimberley and only one course of chemotherapy, I received another mind blowing message from my mother in spirit, telling me through Kimberly:

‘Your tumour has gone and you are cancer free.’

Can you imagine my response! I thought Kimberly was out of her mind, and she was only telling me what I wanted to hear, but she was adamant about the message as it came from my mother. That very evening I was sat at home relaxing and watching television and mulling over in my mind the message when the phone rang. It was one of my oncologists from the second hospital. She rang to tell me that she had received the results of my recent MRI scan, and that strangely they could no longer see the tumour on my tongue. (I nearly died from shock and surprise!!) I proceeded to tell her that I already knew this as I had been told only hours before by my mother who was in spirit. She was obviously amazed by what I had told her and she wanted to know more. The conversation lasted for hours.

My journey continued and through choice, Lyn and I continued to go through radiation (as a belt and braces procedure). I was sorely tempted not to though, as my mother repeatedly tried to stop me as she said I did not need it.

I am now 7 years on from my first diagnosis and I have been totally CANCER FREE for 6 and ½ years with my handsome face still completely intact. I am leading an entirely normal life, enjoying every day that I have been blessed with. I still receive Reiki from Kimberly on a weekly basis as I feel it keeps me calm and relaxed and of course I never know what feedback I might get from my relatives in the spirit world. Lyn and I cannot thank Kimberley enough for her wonderful healing, love and encouragement and the help that she gave us both through the most traumatic and most pleasurable journey of our lives.”

- This was an amazing and totally true story from Mike Rowe, who would be willing to defend this journey of healing and share it with anyone who is contemplating coming to see Kimberley.

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