Your Health is your only Wealth

"Kimberley's 'Your Health is your only Wealth' is available worldwide and is a 'must' read.  Kimberley has over 18 years experience working with patients with a variety of health issues, such as severe depression, eating disorders, stress, IBS, and all forms of cancers.  Kimberley also shows a very gentle, kind and loving approach to her work with children, again suffering from a variety of health issues such as being overwhelmed at school, bullying, eating disorders and all form of pediatric cancers.  Kimberley also has experience working with top professional sportsmen and women.  Her bespoke treatments enables the body to repair from all kinds of sports injuries."

About Kimberley

A caring, intuitive person with a great eye for detail, Kimberley has taken healing to a whole new level of understanding. As well as offering highly effective treatment, Kimberley offers leading reiki training.

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