Can Reiki and Vibrational Sound benefit cancer patients?

Hospitals and hospices across the UK, Europe and the US, for many years, have included Reiki practitioners on their staff. These institutions view Reiki as part of a comprehensive cancer treatment plan.

Because Reiki is a non-invasive technique that causes no side effects or complications, it can be performed on cancer patients at any time following their diagnosis and throughout their treatment. Reiki might also be effective at reducing anxiety and inducing relaxation and balance among those in remission.

Ancient art of Reiki

While the above institutions have embraced the ancient art of Reiki Healing there are still far too many oncologists who feel adding this complementary treatment to your health plan goes against their narrow minded outlook on all forms of complementary therapy so please do not get upset if your oncologist does not embrace your decision to add Reiki to your health plan.

Far too many of my cancer patients become very upset and emotional when describing to me the lack of interest their oncologist shows to them around this subject at their follow up appointments.

The Benefits

It would be helpful if, in this decade of 2020, oncologists were more informed into the huge benefits Reiki and Vibrational Sound can benefit their patients. Until this happens many cancer patients, including members of their family, are missing out on the benefits of such an important and ancient healing technique.

My First Cancer Patient

My first unsolicited cancer patient contacted me in the early part of the 2000 decade and to this day this gentleman is still in remission and living a full and happy life. All of the clients that come to me for Reiki and Vibrational Sound healing do so unsolicited and many through word of mouth.