About Kimberley

The Future of Healthcare

Kimberley is based in Newbury, Berkshire. She entered the world of integrative medicine after working in the phlebotomy department at her local hospital in Newbury. Kimberley realised that many of her patients that were arriving for blood tests, their results were coming back negative, but the patients were still suffering from various stages of ill health. Intuitively Kimberley felt there had to be another way and she found that way through her studies of Reiki energy and Vibrational Sound.

Kimberley realised that when the body’s emotions are in a state of dis-at-ease, disease occurs creating a dis-at-ease between the body’s major organs and its emotions.

Kimberley found that by putting the body ‘on key’ patients symptoms slowly disappeared creating a much stronger and ‘on key’ body.

Kimberley strongly feels that a body that is ‘on key’ will never have a day’s illness in its life.  This is truly the future of medicine as she sees it.

Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher Kimberley is an expert Healing Bowls Therapist and Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher who is highly recommended by all her students and clients. She is methodical, sensitive, devoted and totally committed to her profession.

Kimberley the Teacher

Kimberley also organises and runs classes on Reiki, the Chakra System and How to Play Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls from her base in Newbury, Berkshire. She is also a member of:

Kimberley's Courses

All Reiki Master Training Courses include levels that are based on the original Usui System of Natural Healing in accordance with The Usui Shiki Kyoho tradition.

Reiki and Chakra Certification Courses & Practice Evenings

My Reiki training courses are designed to develop and maximize your Reiki skills by focusing on your individual strengths and channelling those strengths through practical routines and techniques specific to the discipline in question. The goal and objective is to inspire and encourage you to become the best at what you do, thus giving you the best opportunity to start and progress your own specialty career.

My practice evenings are normally organised between level certifications, which have time intervals required. While waiting to qualify to the next level of certification (such as from Reiki Level I to Reiki Level II), you can practice and meditate, in my on-going practice evenings (see below), to continue to grow the mental and spiritual awareness required to effectively channel universal healing energy, on yourself and others.

Reiki Training Courses

– Reiki Level 1 Course

– Reiki Level II Course

– Reiki Master Course

– Chakra Certification Course (need Reiki Level 1 Certification)

Please call or email for course fees

Payment can be made by PayPal, cash or card on the first day of training. Each Reiki Level requires the student to be attuned. Your attunement and introduction to each level will take place over a 2 day weekend from 10 am to 4 pm each day. The reiki training courses include a Manual, a Reiki Level Certificate and after achieving certification you become eligible for 5 practice evenings, lasting 4 hours each at no extra cost to you.

Additional Practice Evenings

For practitioners who wish to enhance their skills, can do so by booking Practice Evenings at a cost of £50 per each 4 hour evening.

TO BOOK AND TO OBTAIN ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Kimberley on 07921 752 992 or Email: info@reiki-berkshire.co.uk

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