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Treatment Room

My treatment room offers sanctuary and tranquillity to the weary and troubled, in their time of struggle and ill health. As you enter the room you really feel you are entering into a world where help will be gifted to you through my ability to open your bodies chakras systems and start your journey into unburdening yourself from issues of the past and present. My ability to do this enables your bright and happier future to come rushing towards you.

For true and unmistakable healing four of your five senses must come into play and they certainly do when you enter my room. The subtle aromas immediately calm your nervous system and puts you at peace. The lighting has been designed to give a shadow effect to calm the pupils of your eyes and reduce the tension and strain that our eyes are bombarded with every waking moment.

My CD which features my 19 Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls plays softly in the background on entering and hugs your body’s chakras system. This happens because each one of our chakra systems resonates and vibrates its own unique note, therefore allowing your body to immediately soak up the correlating notes coming from my CD. “Each one of my Quartz Crystal Healing Bowls play a true healthy note that corresponds with the body’s unhealthy chakra notes, therefore adding to the calm and tranquillity of your experience.

What you will feel is very much an individual experience based on what lies beneath in your body’s chakras. However in my years of delivering my bespoke treatment people have felt the pulling out of historic and unwanted issues from their body, lightening of the body’s aura and a deep healing journey taking place, enabling their happy future to come flooding in.

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About Kimberley

A caring, intuitive person with a great eye for detail, Kimberley has taken healing to a whole new level of understanding. As well as offering highly effective treatment, Kimberley offers leading reiki training.

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