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Sport Injuries

Anyone who plays sport for a living or just for fun, experiences frustration and depression when they are side lined through injury. I treat a lot of young professional footballers and the one thing they all have in common, despite the severity of their injury, is: "When can I get back on the pitch". Being picked for the first team of any sport is a privilege for a player and they hold and take that responsibility with honour and respect. However, the fight to keep their spot in the first team is extremely stressful to a player because they know they have a team mate who is on the bench or sitting in the bleachers waiting for their opportunity to shine. This mental pressure can take a toll both physically and mentally and that is why the players that I see recommend my treatment to their team mates.

It has been proven that my bespoke treatment expedites calcification and healing of minor or severe bone fractures, thereby reducing the recovery time

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A caring, intuitive person with a great eye for detail, Kimberley has taken healing to a whole new level of understanding. As well as offering highly effective treatment, Kimberley offers leading reiki training.

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