To anyone who is undecided on whether or not Kimberley’s healing treatment is for them, please read my personal journey below – Joanne de Nobriga

My Personal Journey

For anyone who is dealing with a health issue, the choice of which modality or practitioner to choose can appear to be a daunting prospect. It is often a choice based on personal recommendation, or a ‘feeling’, though sometimes you might have to resort to placing a pin randomly on a list of names. The possibilities are endless, the different types of healing a mystery to those who have little experience.

In the end it is a question of personal choice, and no one but you can decide what is going to work for you. It is clear that alternative healing therapies have an important role to play in the overall wellbeing of our community. Not least because they provide a support system to the more traditional methods of medical intervention that we are used to.

It is difficult to quantify the effectiveness of these alternative modalities, partially because of an innate cynicism amongst medical practitioners, but also because there is no empirical evidence that satisfies the scientists. For the most part there are only numerous individual stories of healing, of comfort and of surprises that sometimes defy all expectations and all explanations.

It is with the above in mind, that I want to introduce Kimberley Solari and her healing modality. It is a particularly unusual practice which blends together two different yet complimentary systems: reiki and crystal bowl healing.

Reiki is a ‘hands on’ healing technique, developed in Japan in the 1800s and brought to the west by Mikao Usui in 1937. In the old way, an entire family of healers would care for someone who was ill, laying them out on the floor and administering reiki on a continuous basis, sometimes for hours at a time, until the cure was effected. The treatment involves a powerful yet gentle flow of energy, that emanates from the universal energy through the hands of the practitioner and into the patient. The practitioner moves up and down the body in a particular way, focussing on sending the healing energy into the patient. The patient often falls asleep, or enters into a dream world in which, totally relaxed, he or she journeys into the mystery of healing and awakens refreshed and restored. Sometimes heat will be felt, at other times it might be a cooling breeze. There is no set expectation of response and all that is asked of the patient is that she be receptive to the healing energy flowing through her and allow it to do its work, trusting that her body knows what is needed and will direct the flow of energy appropriately.

Crystal Bowl therapy is also an old healing technique. Sound has been used for generations as a way to create vibrational healing which tones the body and helps to cleanse out disease, toxins and emotions such as anxiety. Crystal bowls have a particular beauty to them as they come from the mineral kingdom and are tuned to the chakra system of the body. When the body is in balance, the bowls sing with a purity that sounds like the voice of an angel. When the body is out of balance, the bowl replicates that imbalance, struggling to find its note, or fading quickly.

Together these two techniques offer you, the patient, a unique gift of healing. The session begins with reiki, which settles you down, takes you into a relaxed state where you do not have to think, you simply sleep, or dream, or swirl in the mystery. Once the reiki is complete, you then receive a crystal bowl healing, in which the bowls are played around you, filling your body with the resonant song of the bowls and then different bowls are placed upon your solar plexus so that the vibrational healing goes directly into your body. When the session is ended, you are given time to come back fully from wherever you have journeyed. If you wish, you will then be given information that has been gathered from the bowls, the reiki and the spirits that love and care for you.

You will leave this place feeling loved, restored and cared for. Over time you will notice that whatever is ailing you has shifted. Emotional blockages will have been lifted from your body, pain will have dispersed, toxins removed and other problems will have been alleviated.

Here is my personal story.

I first met Kimberley when dealing with the news that I had breast cancer and required surgery. Whilst not entirely unexpected, the news that I needed a mastectomy was still a shock and I was experiencing both physical and emotional reactions. In that moment I knew that I needed support, and I could think of no better person than Kimberley to help me through the next few months.

Walking into Kimberley’s treatment room is like walking into a sanctuary. The walls are covered in gauze that flutters with the breeze, the room is softly lit, with candles illuminating the bowls. Immediately I feel a sense of calm, a sense of security and I know that in this place, and in the hands of Kimberley I will be cared for.

Lying on the bed, I am covered with a blanket and warm socks placed on my feet. The attention to detail is impressive, and all is geared to my comfort, to making sure I can let go of any concerns or worries. From that place I can simply relax into the treatment and allow myself to drink in the healing energy that is all around me.

Within seconds of the music starting, I sink into a deep place of rest. My senses drink in the feast before me. My body experiences strange sensations as Kimberley directs the energy into me. This first one feels like a wave of cleansing warmth; I am being bathed in light. I feel the tension seeping out of my body. I feel the cells in my body responding to the nurturing and they vibrate with possibility. My third eye is pulsating, the colour purple sending waves of healing through my being. I drift off, floating into the universe and losing all sense of the here and now.

Then I hear music. The sound of the bowls resonating to the song of my body. The first note is tentative, a beginning place, a first call to me to respond. As the note builds, so my body responds, resonating to the sound of the bowl, eager to sing with it, finding my way back into harmony. Another bowl joins in, and soon I am surrounded by a choir of angels, who enfold me in their wings of love. I am carried on their song, travelling into a new vibration, one that heals and balances. When the last note fades, I feel bereft for a moment, yet when I listen closely I can still hear the notes resonating through me. The song is embedded in my dna, the healing has begun.

When I come back to the present moment, Kimberley is standing by my side, a glass of water in her hand and a glow in her face. I feel her love and her care for me and as I stretch my body, I know the healing has begun.

I went to Kimberley once a week for a period of about three months, both prior to and after my surgery. During that time, the power of the healing sessions helped me to deal with the emotions of losing a breast, as well as helping the scar to heal in record time. I have continued with regular treatments to keep my system in balance and to continue working on whatever else is stuck in my body that needs to be released.

As I said at the beginning, each person’s journey with their health is an individual choice and only you know what will work for you. However I can say with all my heart, that a session, or preferably several sessions, with Kimberley will change your life and bring you peace.

Joanne de Nobriga

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A caring, intuitive person with a great eye for detail, Kimberley has taken healing to a whole new level of understanding. As well as offering highly effective treatment, Kimberley offers leading reiki training.

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