By creating vibrational sounds we can effect healthy changes to our DNA, blood and lymph. It can influence both the endocrine system and metabolism AND even manipulate tissues in the human body. This technology blends the world of Vibrational Medicine with today’s ‘hard core science’, to bring about significant changes to your whole body

DNA 528hz

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the genetic material in humans and almost all other organisms. It is basis of creating all cells in our body.

Cells that are cancerous and mutilated by the onslaught of toxins in our environment, and that have negative emotional baggage, have an extremely damaging effect on our bodies. Many people have compared human DNA to the Internet. It communicates immense amounts of information in very small, but significant ways, mimicking a vast network of information portals, not unlike the billions of websites connected to one another all over the world. It may account for our intuition, spontaneous healing, and a number of other phenomena that mainstream science is just beginning to understand. Vibrational Sound can cure things medication never will.

DNA Image

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A caring, intuitive person with a great eye for detail, Kimberley has taken healing to a whole new level of understanding. As well as offering highly effective treatment, Kimberley offers leading reiki training.

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